Tips For Amateur Wedding Photography

A wedding is a momentous occasion. Wedding pictures have to be done just right; the hope is that they will evoke beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Since professional photography is such an expense, more couples are choosing to have friends or family take their pictures. The quality of amateur photography has greatly improved so that this is possible.
Your friends or family will want to know your choice of background for wedding pictures. Traditionally, this starts at the church, but there’s no reason to be completely traditional. In fact, creativity makes for a more interesting photograph. Here are some general tips to follow:
Look for colorful settings. Natural settings are often preferred for wedding pictures; under a flowered trellis, next to a waterfall or fountain, or on the top of a mountain. If you are indoors, try to find a dramatic setting for pictures, such as at the bottom of a spiral staircase or in front of a fireplace.
Photos that denote action are better than simple portraits of the couple. Your photographer should be snapping key events such as cutting of the cake, the wedding kiss, throwing the bouquet and other action events. Since wedding photos are personal, try to say something about yourself and your life together in your photos.
It’s a convention to take wedding pictures the day of the wedding, but if your schedule is too busy, there’s no reason you can’t have some of your pictures taken a few days later. Once the ceremony is over, you will be more relaxed and have a better choice of background for wedding pictures.